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Stone Creek Studio Apartments

1 Bath $500 Deposit

400 Building Inner

Size: 500 square feet

$550/mo with Automatic Payment

400 Building Outer

Size: 500 square feet

$560/mo  with Automatic Payment

$30 more without Automatic Payments

400 Building Studio.JPG

3D Models are not to scale and may be slightly different than the actual apartment.

All apartments are equipped with a Refrigerator, Stove, Dishwasher, Microwave and Washer/Dryer. 

NO PETS ALLOWED. Assistance animals are allowed by law. An assistance animal damage deposit is not required by law. Lessee(s) is required to use the vacant field to the west of the apartments that the Lessor has designated as the assistance animal relief area for urination and defecation of the animal. Lessee(s) is required to clean up after relief of the animal. Failure to use this area is a violation of the lease terms. Should Lessor incur any cost related to damages or other violations of the lease covenants as detailed in this lease agreement Lessee(s) will be responsible for those costs.
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